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A privy verdict is one delivered privily to a judge out of court. A verdict of this kind is delivered to the judge after the jury have agreed, for the convenience of the jury, who after having given it, separate. This verdict is of no force whatever; and this practice being exceedingly liable to abuse, is seldom if ever allowed in the United States. What is VERDICT? Iu practice. The formal and unanimous decision or finding of a jury, im- paneled and sworn for the trial of a cause, upon the matters or questions duly submitted to thein upon the trial. This issue has come up in a variety of contexts-for example, re the question of possible verdict differences between so-called death-qualified and not-death-qualified jurors. Legal definition for DIRECTED VERDICT: When a court directs that a verdict must occur based upon essential facts presented or not presented in court. For example, the court may stop a case from proceeding after i. Lorraine Bias noted in her questionnaire that she's a fan of The Oprah Winfrey Show, and when plaintiff's lawyer Mark Lanier in his closing arguments suggested a guilty verdict might land the jury a spot on Oprah's show, Blas, rather than being creeped out by this used car salesman's trick, laughed and enjoyed the lawyer's attention.

Impeachment of Verdict refers to a party's attack on a verdict, alleging impropriety by a member of the jury. The following is an Example of a State Statute North Carolina on impeachment of verdicts: North Carolina law imposes the same strict limits on the type of juror testimony that may be offered to impeach a verdict. The relevant law. Guilty verdict synonyms, Guilty verdict pronunciation, Guilty verdict translation, English dictionary definition of Guilty verdict. criminality; culpability; a crime: His guilt was visible on his face. Not to be confused with: gilt – gold in color; golden: gilt-edged glasses n. 1. a. Guilty verdict - definition of Guilty verdict by The Free Dictionary. Verdict définition Novembre 2019 Le verdict est une déclaration solennelle par laquelle magistrats et jurés de la cour d'assises répondent, après le délibéré, aux questions du Président sur la culpabilité ou non d'une personne. Definition of VERDICT OF NO CAUSE OF ACTION: a verdict that is in the defendant's favour on grounds that the plaintiff does not have aright to bring a charge against him. Jury definition, a group of persons sworn to render a verdict or true answer on a question or questions officially submitted to them. See more.

In law, a verdict is the formal finding of fact made by a jury on matters or questions submitted to the jury by a judge. In a bench trial, the judge's decision near the end of the trial is simply referred to as a finding. In England and Wales, a coroner's findings are called verdicts see Coroner § Verdict.

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